#FUTURE Global Connect is a series of Global Networking sessions organized by High Power IT committee of Govt of Kerala. Global Connect is organised as part of a multi-pronged strategy, involving the Government and the Kerala diaspora in the technology sector to make Kerala a digital destination of choice.

Why #Future

Change has been the hallmark of human civilization. From the gradual pace of change over the centuries, we have entered a phase of nanosecond change. Digital technologies have led to a quantum transformation in our workspaces and our lifestyles. It has emerged as a potpourri of software, the gazillion devices, an interconnected network and a host of exponential technologies that is connected everything and everyone, into one large invisible labyrinthine maze of relationships. The rate of change has also redefined the basic tenets of what ‘long term’ is, and what is ‘short term’? The strategic planning horizons have also changed. Management intuition, a cumulative précis of all our experiences drives decision making; but the recent past quantum flux in the business landscape show that there is a significant shift in the very basis of our fundamental business options. more >>

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